Next Mail

Designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide relevant offers. It allows you to build trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Total campaign solution for Email Marketing

Manage Contacts

You can manage or create, import and export all the contact in Contacts setting. To export contacts you will have three different file format. For example txt file, json file and csv file.

Manage Campaigns

Campaign settings will give you the option to create a new campaign, at first. After creating the campaign, yon have to edit it with some necessary steps. If needed, finally you can export your campaign as well.

Lists Settings

In list settings, you have to create a new list. If you want, even you can export lists in three different file format (txt,json,csv) over here.

Form Display Styles

Finally you have to choose your desired form style among lot of form styles over there. On the other hand, you can also copy the 'shortcode' to paste your website anywhere you want. And it will give you the same output.

Form Settings

Select list id for each forms and enable custom filed such as Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone and more. Declare custom class and id for each forms. Then put the Button Text Subscribe and Select Icon position.

Popup Setting

To display Popup Mail Box into your website body with Positions just enable the popup switch button. Then select the form type and body positon of popup mail. Finally just save it.

Integrated with

MailChimp and others providers (like, SendInBlue, GetResponse, MailWizz, Active Campaign) etc

What you can build with it!
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Product Pricing

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$ 19
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  • Lifetime usage
  • 1 site license


for lifetime
$ 99
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  • 2 year support
  • Lifetime update
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  • Unlimited sites license

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