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We love entrepreneurship as much as you do. Because we know the freedom, the light of hope that comes with it & also you will get 40% commission on each sale.

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We love our customers specially those who helps to promote our products. Find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Why You Choose us?

During 2017, the minimum average affiliate commission per month was $150 and the highest average per month was $1050. Currently, we are working with our affiliates to empower them and increase their income by 100%.

Simplest Process To Get Involved

You will not face any issue while getting involved with our cause. Just fill up the form. Then we will evaluate the credentials and notify you in the earliest possible time.

How To Become An Affiliate?

Easy, just follow these 3 simple steps

Easy to Sign up

Register as Affiliate and Generate a URL by any products link and place it on your site or share social media.

Get to Know Us & Our Products

Whenever a customer clicks on your link. Then you are count referral user on our all sites.

Earn Commission

You will get 40% from the purchase for each sale and Earn Commission from us!

Affiliate Benefits

As an example, one of our highest commission earner spent
his earnings for a family vacation at Maldives. Imagine what you can do!

Upto $200 commission from a single sale

Dedicated mentorship from experts

Weekly follow up and tips via email

Frequent offers and promotions

Large amounts of creative for you!

Real-time sales

Still have some questions?

Never hesitate to reach out to us regarding any queries you might have

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Suppose, a visitor or your existing client sees ThemeDev banner ad on your site. Then they click on it and purchase one of our products. Hence, you will earn 40% as a commission for every successful purchase of a product.

How to Promote ThemeDev?

In order to promote ThemeDev products, you have to register our ThemeDev account. Then you need to generate an Affiliate link for particular products. By using that Affiliate link you can promote our products. On the other hand, we also provide banner ads so that you can make it very easy.

How much I will get paid?

For every successful purchase, you will get 40% as commission. There is no limit on the amount you can earn every month. And you will be notified via email when a purchase will take place by your Affiliate link.

How do I get paid?

Generally, Affiliate payments are processed through PayPal. But if you don’t have a PayPal account, no need to worry at all. Because we put another two payment methods for this. For example Stripe and Payoneer.

When do I get paid?

As we mentioned in our refund policy that we process the refund within 14 days of purchase. Following the clearance, you will get paid within 15 days.

Affiliate Policy

We provide 40% as a commission for every particular product for Affiliate Marketing. As we have 14 days refund policy so you will get paid within 15 days of purchase that you made by the affiliate marketing. Basically affiliate payment made via PayPal. But we put three different payment methods over there like, PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer. You will not be able to withdraw it before 50$.

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